Bonus Akhir Tahun - Kalender Papertoy

- dengan Dadik Triadi

“Love is old, love is new, Love is all, love is you”
-Because, The Beatles-
Teman-teman, di penghujung tahun 2011 ini Salamatahari berkolaborasi dengan seorang seniman papertoy hebat, Dadik Triadi. Unduh hasil kolaborasi kami di sini kemudian lanjutkan bagianmu ;)
1. A little beetle was stranded on the roof. Nobody knew how he got there. He felt lonely with no one to share.
2. The sky was blue, there, he couldn't find any clue. The blue was too wide. There, he felt scared. Then he cried.
3. But on a count of three, an apple fell down from the tree
4. The color was green, the same with some parts on the little beetle's familiar myrtle
5. The green was not too wide. There, little beetle didn't feel lost
6. "Because the apple is green, it makes me grin". Little beetle sang along. It was the beetle's when things went wrong.