Trip to the Ice Dream Bar

Huff Magazine is an online-based collective magazine foucusing on contemporary visual art. This article was published for the #4 edition: Dream. You can download the e-magz  here.

Dimuat di Huff Magazine edisi "Dream"


Ice cream is a frozen dessert, made from dairy products. 
And ice dream is a frozen dessert made from daily products.  
Because life loves you more than you know, it collects daily ingredients that comes your way everyday. 

One day, a little firefly whose scent as sweet as marmalade came to my sleepy time.  Her name was Lady Marma-Lead. “I will lead you to the Ice Dream Bar. Now close your eyes,” she told me in her airy voice. 

I obeyed. I closed my eyes. Suddenly, my body became airy as her voice. I could see nothing but a spot of light. It fluorescent above the black and led me to levitate without hesitate.  The journey was too free to be caught, but somehow, I didn’t afraid of being lost. 

I was on a trip to my deep sleep; where my dailydailydays would be represented in frozen flakes of ice dream.

Lots of fireflies met me in front of the ice dream bar. 
Their scents were various. 
Their sparks were glorious. 

Special hugs and thanks to my cousin Ruben for the visual effect =)