Company Profile for Rama Widi

I played music since I was six. I started with organ, next
i learned to play violin, viola, piano, clarinet, percussion, and also traditional Indonesian instrument. Music is more than just a hobby for me. Since I knew that it was my destiny, after graduated from my high school, I decided to seriously learn music in Vienna, Austria.

Pride reflects our identity and being an Indonesia is a pride-thing for me. I take my nationality with dignity anywhere I go, so people could see my country through me.

I arranged traditional songs and played it in my harp.
I studied harp under Julia Reth and I finished my study in 2010. And I also studied classical voice. Now I take Musik P├Ądagogik (Music Education) with the focus point of study in conducting at the Vienna Conservatory in Austria, besides studying music in Vienna I also joined traditional Indonesian dancing group Gema Puspa Nusantara. I introduced the beautiful traditional Indonesian culture and dances by performing all around Austria with the group.

As feet, pride also helps me to stand confidently on my every performance. It also reminds me to stand on the ground. Harp is an instrument with heavenly sound, but it is humbly touchable for the earth indeed. If this guy who brought seven deadly sins could play it, so would anyone else. Harp is not only property of the concert hall. It is also able to be played on the street, in the school, and anywhere.


My mission is to bring harp as a down to earth heavenly instrument. Then we will know that heaven never too far from us. 

written together with Nia Dahlan