Through the Eyes of Children

Bulletin IOAA edisi 09 : 27 Agustus 2007

"... sands become a mountain
eat some ice cream, turn into moustache 
on my hand, sun can be blue
in front of me dolls able to talk

-It's Happy to be Children - Bobo Song-

Children have their own reality. It's unlimited, wider than universe. They could see invisible astronaut suit and go to outer space with an imaginary space ship. That day, August, 26, 2008, Bobo magazine, Boscha, and IOAA committee, ran coloring and drawing competion. Before coloring and drawing, Mr. Hendro from Bobo took the children to see a movie about universe, "We will go out of this world with Pasopati space ship ..." Chidren took the trip seriously then. They watched the movies as if they were really adventuring to outer space.

The space ship "landed", and the competition started. Kindergarten children started coloring, and elementary school's children start drawing. "Oh, my God, Neisya, she's coloring badly!" Diaz from Pertiwi Kindergarten criticized  his friend. "Why do you think it was bad?" news letter reporter asked him. 

"Because Neisya supposed to be coloring the stars first."
"Which one is Neisya?"
"She is near to Arina."
"Which one is Arina?"
"She's near to Dadan."
"And Dadan ...?"

So seemed like Diaz assumed that everybody know his classmates very well ... hehehe ...
Every child has their own way of drawing. Nadia from Saint Angela elementary school prepared herself very well. She brought complete coloring tools, gloves, a mat to sit, and a little spoon for a pattern. "I'm drawing a satellite which is spouting climate condition to the world," she explained.

Rachel from Mutiara Bunda Elementary school using water color for drawing. Seemed like that he had some fans. Alman, Aulia, Radit, and Evan sat around her while she was drawing. They admired Rachel's drawing and helped her driying the water color. "Her drawing is the best," Auia complimented.
Along the competition, slides of planets played on the big screen. Suddenly, Evan watched the pictures seriously. "Miss, is it a potrait or just a cartoon image?" he asked her teacher. "It's a portrait, Evan," her teacher replied. "I think the planets looked like cartoons then," Evan made a conclusion.

Through the eyes of chidren, whose reality are wider than the universe, impossible things become possible. That is why, through the eyes of children, things in life are like a cartoon image.