From Gadget with Love

Bulletin IOAA edisi 04, 22 Agustus 2008

More than one hundred participants, arrived in Lembang on Wednesday (Aug,20) evening. Various colors and various languages filled Sespimpolri*. Cold air of Lembang didn’t feel so cold since they were coming. Laughter and greets made that dark evening as bright as summer.

Participants were taking to Djokosoetono room. Seats were prepared, and twenty two telescopes were displayed face to face with them. “Hello, welcome  to Indonesia. Tomorrow you’ll watch Indonesia’s sky with me. Today, you’ll learn to know me more,” said those brightly white telescopes in unspoken words.

The telescope’s  name were VMC 200L mounting Vixen Sphinx. They used reflector to bounce back the light of shiny objects. These telescopes used CCD Detector; photograph camera for research. This detector is more sensitive than common detector, that’s why they were special. 

Beside the telescopes, new calculators quietly wait on every corner of the desk. They were too shy to say hi, but will be loved to be greeted. Finally committee pleased participants to explore their new little calculator friends, meanwhile groups for telescope exploration were divided. “We give them new calculator, so they won’t be cheat in the test,” Mr. Mudji Raharto, the jury, explained, “If they were allowed to bring their own calculator, we’re afraid they inputted programs in it.”

About 06.45 p.m, each group was divided. After giving some instructions, Ainil, one of the tutor, permitted participants to join with their group. Every group consisted from five participants and one tutor. Each of the group took place close to one telescope.

Mr. Kusmayanto Kadiman, minister of research and technology, also visited the event. “Indonesia run this event seriously,” said him proudly. He also walked around to see the activities closer. Or maybe… he’s going to say hi to the gadgets. For he is Indonesian minister of research and technology, he’s guardian of every gadget that live in Indonesia.


*Sespimpolri : Sekolah Pimpinan Polri (Police Academy).